Every year we bring you three nights packed with live music.

About 20 hours of the perfect mix of living balfolk legends, fresh new talents and local bands.

This is a preliminary program, things might still change a bit.


19:19 SurLaBouche
19:51 Duo Fagon/Le Tron
22:02 SurLaBouche
22:33 Mr. Folxlide CD launch
00:33 SurLaBouche
01:06 session


10.30 Balfolk: dance introduction (Monika)
13.00 Dances from Poitou (Christian)
16:00 Duo du Balcon
18:00 dinner
19:49 Ciac Boum
22:22 ba.fnu CD launch
00:33 Vojtěch Nejedlý & Martin Vejvoda
02:02 session


10:30 Balfolk: less common dances (Monika)
13:00 Snoa, polka & maybe even schottis (Pascal)
16:00 Knep
18:00 dinner
19:49 Laüsa
22:02 Vinski Laine
22:33 BAL LAB
00:33 Vinski Laine
01:01 afterparty

Ciac Boum

Those three guys from Poitou everybody knows. Music so good words fail you. All the trance, all the rock, all the funk you can get from the folk. Times three. Also, fun fact: did you know the first bal folk ever in Prague was with Ciac Boum? Yup. And here we go again.


Duo Fagon / LeTron

If somebody deserves to be called a living bal folk legend, it's Bruno Le Tron. Maybe you never heard him live. Maybe you even don't know him. But you damn sure know half of his tunes from sessions and other bands. Well, it's time to hear them from the master himself, in a company of a great clarinet & saxophone player.



Sometimes you hear a band and you just know you need them to play at your festival. That's the story of us and Laüsa. The haunting sound of Gascony destiled through a total musicianship.



The new CD of ba.fnu comes! Launch party of the disc 10 right there for you. Hurdy-gurdy running unwearied, demonic cittern and dark rumble of sampler; surrounded by thick wall of electronic sounds. Dance music? Let the disco roll!


Duo du Balcon

Crazy french brothers playing crazy music on crazy instruments. Well, not really, the guitar is quite ordinary. But the rest is true. You'll love them.



Sweet Swiss-Swedish duo playing a great mix of swedish tunes and bal folk music. And they do have an octopus.



Brass trio playing folk music? Well, that's quite normal everywhere but in bal folk. Time to get all jazzy-brassy!


Vinski Laine

Brilliant kantele player hailing all the way from Finland will show us what can be done with a simple block of wood and few inches of wire. Kanteles look deceptively simple, but beware: the rich, ambient sound they give can easily drone you to trance.



Touch of jazz, touch of folk. Your go-to French bal folk band in Prague. Occasionally they even wear hats!


Mr. Folxlide

Another CD launch party! Mr. Folxlide with his guests will show you the blues balfolkized and bal folk bluesified. Oldtimey, droney sound making for the perfect, cuddly after-party. Check him on Facebook as well!


Vojtěch Nejedlý & Martin Vejvoda

Fresh sprout of the Czech bal folk scene comes back after rocking the scene last year! Two seasoned musicians joining their forces in a project where the playful, folk-hipster ukulele meets a classical violoncello. Some serious fun to be expected.