I am in! When is the registration?

As every year: we start 11. 11. at 11:11 CET. This year, there will be some changes, though. To avoid overloading our servers, we will be releasing only one workshop per day. So you can choose beforehand, where do you want to go, and then just sign up at the right time and day. You'll find the release dates and times right next to the workhop description.

Looking forward to having you!

Can I come just for the balls?

Most likely not. Sorry. We know PBW was famous for it's parties. But we feel there is enough party-focused festivals in Europe. We want to bring you something different. Something that will push both your dancing and whole balfolk scene a bit further.

If we don't manage to get enough people to join the workshops, we might be selling balls-only tickets later on. They will still be pretty much as expensive as the tickets with worskhops, though. The bands take the biggest part of our budget.

Anyway, last year we were sold out, so don't wait up.

I can't come after all. Will you refund me?

We would rather not, the budget is tight and we might not be able to support the festival, if many people cancel last minute. You are more than free to resell your ticket, it has worked out every year so far for everyone. If you let people know on our FB event, there is a good chance someone will grab it. We know it's a virtual ticket, so just pass them your confirmation e-mail and tell them to tell us at the door they come instead of you.

Are there any discount? I remember you had a pay-what-you-will policy.

We hope there will be discounts, but we can't guarantee them. We will be offering "solidarity" tickets, if enough people chip in our solidarity fund. The solidarity tickets will be half the price and we will be releasing them in small batches as soon as we can. Please, follow our FB event and stay tuned.

The pay-what-you-will policy did work nice for a few years, but caused a major struggle two years ago. Also, we wanted the festival to go a bit different direction. So we decided to abandon it, before it was too late. The festival is still a non-for-profit event, though.

What the bleep is a "ballshop"?

Half ball, half workshop. A chance to learn some peculiar regional dances from Ormuz and Décibal. And dance them right away. You can do one of them, on the day when you don't have a focused workshop. Or you can ditch last 90 minutes of your focused workshop and join both. Not recommended, but entirely possible.

I am still lost. What exactly will I do at the festival?

One day, you will have four and half hours of deep work on one topic with one teacher/couple in a small group. Plus optional 90 minutes  of personal feedback or guied practice.  The other day, you can join the  ballshop (and maybe an afternoon ball, we are still figuring that out).

And party every evening till morning, of course!

Can I choose if my focused workshop will be on Saturday or Sunday?

Not really, our appologies. We will have to decide what happens when later on, depending on how many people sign up for what and size of our venues. Thank you for understanding. You won't miss out on much, don't worry. Probably just one "ballshop". And you can make it even there, if you really want to.

I heard rumors that this is the last PBI. Is that true?

Absolutely. As much as we love the concept and festival, it requires a lot of work. Work we do for free. To pay the organisers somehow properly, even with the poor Czech standards, we would need to add about 60 EUR to the ticket price. And people keep complaining the festival is already expensive as it is.

Also, we don't want to encourage people to travel by planes anymore. We feel partialy responsible for all the emissons our bands and dancers have produced to get here. We would rather create something more sustainable.

There might be another Prague festival next year. Or in a few years. But it will definitely be very differnt.