Every year we bring you three nights packed with live music.

About 20 hours of the perfect mix of living balfolk legends, fresh new talents and local bands.

This is a preliminary program, things might still change a bit.



13:30 Angelika & Kieren @ KORZO
15:00 Fiston @ KORZO
17:30 Ormuz: ballshop
19:00 dinner
20:49 Ormuz
22:53 ba.fnu
00:01 Maracu
02:02 Balsam
03:03 session


15:00 Fiston @ KORZO
17:30 Décibal: ballshop
19:00 dinner
20:49 Décibal
22:32 Vinski Laine
23:03 Sprinkle Blizzard
01:03 Vinski Laine
01:33 afterparty


If Malicorne were still playing these days, they would probably sound a bit like Ormuz. If they were also into Acadian music, that is. Amazing instrumental musicianship and sweet vocal harmonies are here not to show off, but in the service of the song, genuine music and storytelling. Well, and the dance, of course! If you don’t love them yet, you will.



One thing these guys are crazy about? Berry. Not blueberry, not raspberry, not any berry. The region of Berry. They bring love, joy and musical virtuosity to the local folk material. And throw some original compositions to the mix. Their traditional dancing background is a guarantee this music will move you and make you move.


Gérard Godon

One of the forefathers of neo-folk. Maybe he doesn’t know that, but we sure do. He made mazurkas more cuddly, scottishes more playful… and in the meantime also invented scottish impaire. His solo bal will make a perfect gentle ending to a rocking Friday night.



Hurdy-gurdy running unwearied, demonic cittern and dark rumble of sampler; surrounded by thick wall of electronic sounds. Dance music? Let the disco roll!



Time to bring some heat in! Fahrenheit is a fresh mix of trad, pop and electro influences. Also, it’s four great musicians from three moderately great countries, singing and playing with so much patates you are afraid they might actually catch fire. Watch out and be ready.



Germand band with refined taste. This is not your regular wurst & sauerkraut accordion-yodel. Quite the contrary. Five young musicians are cooking a groovy folkish eintopf sprinkled with reggae curry, kosher klezmer sauce and other exotic spices. Get ready for a funky bourrée with patates and sweet marzipurkas. Gutten Apetit!


Sprinkle Blizzard

Did you say European folk heritage? Enter Sprinkle Blizzard! Five people from four different countries. Folk melodies and original compositions blending traditions from all around The Old Continent. Also, some serious fun.



Jazz meets the balkans. Get ready for some serious balk-bal-folk dancing. Drum kit, doubles bass and guitar keep jazzy vibes, while fiddle and saxophone create their melody-magic. Fresh new band formed by already established Belgian musicians. It’s gonna swing, big time!


Vinski Laine

Let’s hear it for the bal(t)folk. Serious intervention from all the way up North. Traditional sound of baltic psalteries / kanteles will turn your regular balfolk dances into a trance-like experience. And to mix things up a bit, we will learn a dance or two as well.


Vojtěch Nejedlý & Martin Vejvoda

Once a fresh sprout of the Czech bal folk scene, now seasoned veterans of bals both in Prague and abroad. Playful, folk-hipster harp-sounding ukulele meets a classical violoncello. On the PBI stage for the third time already. We simply can’t get enough of them. That’s why they might bring some guests this year!



Touch of jazz, touch of folk. Your go-to French bal folk band in Prague. Occasionally they even wear hats!



The new energy from Poland – just after releasing their first album, the amazing Balsam trio comes to PBI as a special guest for the Saturday almost-after-party. Musicie ich kochać!