The festival with workshops also for people that don't do workshops

Balfolk is stuck.

Good dancers rarely go to workshops anymore.

They reach certain level and then there just isn’t anything for them.

And beginners keep going to workshops for 50 to 500 people.

Where teachers can’t really look after them.

That’s why we decided to make PBI.

So everyone can really learn.

And balfolk can keep growing.


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Focus on bringing your dancing one step further

The main gamechanger?

PBI brings you intense, focused workshops.

4.5 hours of hard dance work.

Optional 90 minutes for guided practice and personal feedbacks.

Group of 24 people.

One teacher/couple and one topic.

Enough time to dig deep.

To actually really learn something properly.

Mostly for people, who think they know it all.

But also with topics for beginners, intermediate and advanced dancers.


PBI might seem pricey compared to other balfolk events. Yet 150 € is still very, very cheap compared to tango, lindy hop or salsa festivals. We are not in this for profit. We just spend all the money on the bands, the venues and the teachers. Why is the price what it is?

Amazing bands
We have frickin' great bands. Carefully selected mix of living balfolk legends, fresh new talents and local bands. And we want to pay them properly.
Totally prepared teachers

The teachers of focused workshops spend full five days together before the festival. They test their ideas. Refine their teaching skills. Brainstorm. And work their asses off all day long. Just to make sure you get the best learing experience.

Small & cozy

We keep the festival small. On purpose. 200 people is what our venue can take in. It gives it cozy feeling and you get to dance with the people you want to.

Bands that travel from far away
Half of the bands is from far, far away. France and so on. The travel costs? Well, they are just what they are. Crazy. About 15 people, here and back, with the instruments... Do the math.
No compromises
It's not one of those invite 4 musicians and make 5 bands out of them kind of festival. Been there, done that. Not that it would be wrong. We just want to do better.
Great main venue
We have rented a professional theater, close to the city center. Perfect floor, great sound system and nice chill-out elevation. For workshops we are running 5-6 different venues per day. We need to pay one hell of a rent for all that.


Check out our great bands or amazing workshops. You won’t regret.